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Take a close look at 5 different FLOWIN products, each with different features, choose the most suitable product for you, and start changing!

Unique sports experience with FLOWIN;

Push your body's limits, reach a new level!


Flowin Fitness.jpg

Everywhere With You

Meet the smallest and most comfortable portable FLOWIN; FLOWIN FITNESS. Simply roll it up, put it in your bag, and take it anywhere to complete your workouts. 

Flowin Pro Black 1.jpg

For Professionals

Thanks to its rigid structure, it is designed for stationary use in environments such as home, studio and gym. Ideal for the gym and PTs! It is easily stored using the FLOWIN Pro stand in group work places. It is suitable for use in fixed environments such as home, studio or gym environment.

Flowin Sport 1.jpg

Both Portable and Large

FLOWIN SPORT is both foldable and can be carried easily with its larger structure and offers the opportunity to do sports more comfortably with its large surface area. It is easily stored using the FLOWIN Pro stand in group work places.

Sport Pro White G2HP1807-4447-38 (1280x960).jpg

Hundreds of
Different Exercise

When you work with FLOWIN®, you will increase your muscle mass, muscle strength and endurance, and you will create flexibility, balance, coordination, stabilization and body image.

In terms of providing resistance in two axes at the same time, FLOWIN® allows you to perform functional, closed kinetic chain exercises in endless combinations, much more flexible than free weights and gym equipment. You can work more than one part of your body with a single movement.

FLOWIN® Teknolojisi

Flowin’in yüzeyi düzensiz çentiklerle doludur. Ped ile yüzeydeki çentikler arasında kalan hava, pedin kolaylıkla Flowin üzerinde hareket etmesini sağlar. Bu yüzey tasarımı, köpekbalığı derisinden esinlenilerek tasarlanmıştır.

Bu sayede sıradan fitness konseptinin aksine, siz güçlendikçe daha büyük ağırlıklara veya yeni aletlere ihtiyaç duymazsınız.

Siz güçlendikçe FLOWIN'e uygulayacağınız kuvvet de artacağı için FLOWIN'in sürtünme ile size karşı oluşturacağı direnç de aynı ölçüde artacaktır. FLOWIN'in üstün sürtünme teknolojisi sayesinde her antrenmanda bir üst seviyeye ulaşırsınız.

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Physio G2HP1807-3410-5 (1280x960).jpg


Half the size of FlowinPro, FLOWIN® Physio was developed with healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, in mind.
The FLOWIN® Physio is smaller than other FLOWIN® plates, ideal for use on the rehabilitation bench or bed or in confined spaces. 
It comes with plates and pads and also provides access to online workouts. Ideal for closed kinetic chain exercises.
Dimensions 98x68 cm

Science Friction G2HP1807-3906-26 (1280x960).jpg

For Professionals

It is for measurement, testing and evaluation purposes. FLOWIN® Pro ScienceFriction™ aims to determine the direction and length of movements using the setup coordinate system.
The system helps you detect physical differences between the right and left halves of the body at a given time.
You can monitor the changes in a certain movement over time and control the movements according to the desired length, direction and movement path.
  Ideal for closed kinetic chain exercises.
It comes with white plate and pads and also provides access to online workouts. 
Dimensions 138x98 cm

Pads 1 G2HP1807-4677-9 (1280x960)_edited.jpg

Special Pads for You

It will be modified as a completely personal set to bring to the gym, or you can use it as a professional set like your own personal set.
New and improved FLOWIN® Pad Set.
-More strong 
-Better grip 
-More comfortable cushioning 
-Same patented Friction Training™ technology 

FLOWIN® Pro Pad Set 
2 x foot pads
2 x handpads 
Includes 1 x backing pad.

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